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The long story of SAICAF company, founded in 1932 from lawyer B.Cipparoli, starts in Bari with a coffee bar located in Piazza Carabellese.

The manufactured blend at that time was very appreciated : in a short time the company increased the production, for industrial consumption.
An intense aroma of roasted coffee inundates Via Melo first, then Via Emanuele Mola in the city center of Bari, where the two headquarters of SAICAF company are located. Here the business increases in a short time, and a new packaging (3Kg coffee) is requested to step forward the big distribution. It’s time for the first vacuum-pack, completely hand-packed.

In 1952, Mr. Cipparoli, near to get retired, entrust the management of the company to his son-in-law Mr. Leonardo Lorusso, who has married his only daughter.

At the age of eighteen, in 1958 their son Mr. Antonio Lorusso starts taking care of the company business in the Foggia area. So, after working in the company at an entry-level position, he finally gained the role of President and Managing Director.

The synergism between the two roles in the company management, gives new vital energy to SAICAF, allowing the growth and the crossing of new challenges, such as the foundation of the new branch office in Bari-Via Amendola, where the first italian automatic systems for coffee production and packaging are conceived. It was 1962.

The company evolution doesn’t take a break, since new entries in the managing group give some positive impulses: 1979 – Mr. Nicola Signorile, current managing director of the group, supporting his father Francesco, attorney and member from 1969

1996- Mrs. Simonetta Lorusso, Antonio’s sister, with the role of attorney and financial director.

Finally, Mr.Leonardo Lorusso, son of Mr.Antonio, enters the company very young at the beginning of the new millennium, starting at an entry-level position in order to better understand the origins of the product. Today SAICAF continues its growth under the direction of its managing group, importing every year million kilos of raw coffee stocked in warehouses, ready to be roasted through sophisticated systems. Coffee comes from many countries located both at the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, and the different blends are destined to satisfy all consumers’ tastes, across the world.

From the birth of the company, everything flows regularly. The smell of the roasted coffee coming from Bari-Via Amendola, inundates the town with taste and good humour, but behind the obvious continuity of places and situations, the world is changing. The world of SAICAF is made of innovation and continuous research, in order to improve products and services, where tradition and origins never die.