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Saicaf Vending was born with the purpose to offer the same quality of SAICAF brand through coffee capsules, quickly and easily. Perfect at home or at office, the capsules keep intact the fragrance of a fresh milled coffee, giving the possibility to taste in every situation an excellent espresso as at the coffee bar. “Dedicating yourself a coffee with Saicaf Vending is the best way to enjoy your breaks during the day!”

The quality and deliciousness of an espresso coffee is depending from the union between capsule and machine.

Saicaf Vending combines SAICAF coffee quality together with high technology of a half-automatic espresso machine : stylish design, conceived for an easy use, precise and reliable from the first coffee, endowed with all necessary requirements to get a great espresso.

The single capsule is projected in order to get the best espresso ever, even at office.

The right dose, the milling and roasting process of the coffee (3 basic variables for an espresso) are ensured by our systems, the best in the market today.

The structure of the capsule prevents a consistent water impact on the coffee, so your cup will be creamy, full-bodied and with a great aroma.

For your coffee breaks, SAICAF Vending has studied a kit including 100 glasses, 100 spoons and 100 sugar bags : a complete service in order to satisfy also the most discerning customer.