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It is the last born blend in the SAICAF family, holding all the experience and the tradition acquired during 70 years of business.

Coffee facilitates the digestion, increases the energy metabolism. Coffee has an important protection role against several diseases.

It increases the basal metabolism, helping in the loss of weight; it is rich in potassium, magnesium, fluorine and other minerals, very important for our nutrition.

SAICAF company knows all this very well, that’s why a new blend was created: IL MIO MATTINO.


Spoil yourself, stay upbeat! Enjoy the awakening and all deserved breaks during the day with this coffee, its unique fragrance, authentic and sincere flavour!

Haste in the morning is not healthy for the well-being and the good humour.

Start your day well, start with SAICAF Il MIO MATTINO!.