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The SAICAF group enriched with Tobiaco company has launched this new brand across the national and international area, in the historical HORECA channel, but also in the free service channel (family level). Born in 1970, Tobiaco Caffè is currently market leader in the northern area of Bari.
Its success is strictly connected to the manufacturing process, which is currently keeping intact the traditions and the artisan values of the past..

Tobiaco integrates the precious experience and the advantage of the modern technology, suggesting a blend selection skilfully composed with fine coffee variety.
Carefully selected varieties, roasted in compliance with standards, are finally packaged in "controlled atmosphere" in order to allow the product to breathe before the milling process.

Colour, aroma and taste of a good espresso depend also from instruments and extraction technology : that’s why Tobiaco coffee is constantly monitored by our experts from the sale to the cup preparation; an experienced service in order to ensure customer satisfaction for a long time.