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SAN PAOLO caffè was established in Bari in the ‘70s as a family-run business. It becomes a phenomenon of excellence soon, thanks to its attention to the research of high quality and its devotion to each individual client. In the ‘90s,the company SAICAF takes charge of SAN PAOLO caffè by keeping the brand’s original identity and vocation unchanged.

Nowadays, SAN PAOLO caffè has represented a niche brand which includes only two blends: the top-class product is characterised by a high percentage of Arabica coffee, while the second blend stands out for stronger features typical of the classical aroma and creamy flavour of South Italy.

Today, SAN PAOLO has established in several European countries and during the process of internationalization, it has kept its unique features. The presence of SAN PAOLO coffee in many refined and elegant coffee shops, from London to Prague, Berlin and Rome achieves resounding success among their customers.

Actually, the choice of high-quality blends enables these coffee shops to enhance the original idea of quality research which created this product.

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